Monday, March 25, 2013


On March 19 my sweet baby girl was officially 2 1/2 years old.  The time is flying by and while I see why some call the 2s terrible, truthfully I'd freeze time right now if I could.

There's so much to say about you, Carsyn Presley I'm always afraid to dictate for fear of leaving something out, but here we go.

You are a sweetheart.  I know everyone thinks their child is sweet, but you have the sweetest little disposition.  You tell everyone you love them and daddy and mommy even get random "I love you so much!"  You adore your little brother and are an excellent toy sharer.  You give him bountiful hugs and kisses and worry so much if he cries.  You'll say "uh-oh Hank's crying" and raise your little voice and say "Its ok baby."  The other day when we thought you were napping in your crib Rosie coughed and you yelled "You ok, Rosie?"

You're such a nurturer.  When anyone is sick you love to Dr them and make them feel better-you take blood pressure and even administer medicine with your Dr kit.

You love all of your babies and dolls, but have one little one you like to sleep with at night.  You also love your barbies and playing with the barbie house Kristi and Robby gave you.  You love to color and play puzzles, especially puzzles on the iPad.  In fact I credit Starfall ABCs (and Rosie) to teaching you all of your letters!  You know them all except maybe 4 or 5 now.

We usually play basketball in Hank's room every night and if you make a shot you'll say "compilations Carsyn!" I think you mean congratulations, but its too cute to correct.  I'm afraid you may not be much of an athlete, sweetheart, but I think you'll be on stage someday.  You love to sing and dance and play your piano.  You're always saying "sing me a song mommy!" 

If you're not on stage singing or dancing I guess you'll be performing as a comedian.  The other day you found a camo hat of Hank's and said "Whoa, is Hank going to the jungle?"  When we put you in your robe at night you say "oh, that's so warm and fluffy!"  When we tuck you in bed and night you say "I snuggie buggie ruggie."
When asked for your name you say its Carsyn Watsley.  (You like to combine the Presley and Watts).  Mommy is Momma Watsley, Daddy is Daddy Watsley and Hank is Hanky-boo.
You really think you are a princess.  We read Cinderella the other night and at the end you said "when I marry Prince Charming I'm going to wear my Belle Dress."  Dead. Serious. 

You are a chatty Kathy.  You pick up the phone and just start chatting away telling whomever you're talking to big stories. You're favorite words are "sure" and "ok." 

You are still momma's night owl and like to go to bed around 11:00 (or midnight if I'm being generous) and sleep til 10:00.  You also take one mid day nap.

You are SUCH a picky eater.  You like, yogurt, pizza, grilled cheeses, & chicken nuggets.  I guess that's why you are so tiny.  You weigh 25 lbs and are 35" tall.  In fact here you are in November wearing the same outfit..
 (those little sleeves are up to your elbows now and the pants are almost capris!)
You are a bit of a drama queen when things don't go your way.  First you try talking yourself out of the situation.... If I say its nighttime you say "No, its too early", if I tell you to wear something and you don't want to its "too big or too little."  If you don't want to leave home you say its too cold outside.  Of course that's a rare occasion, because you LOVE to travel.  You actually cry sometimes when we pull in the driveway and ask to go back. 

Carsyn Presley, you make the world a brighter place..we love you so so much.

(ps....bonus points if you can find the Hank photobomb!)


  1. Can't believe how big she's gotten! What a beautiful little girl!

  2. You forgot to mention that she has the best closet ever! :) love this sweet girl!

  3. Look how big she is!!! I can't get over it. Wasn't it just yesterday I was holding her on my hip at keeneland and she had a paci?!?! ps I love your blog design. xo

  4. Carsyn is such a sweet, beautiful girl! Happy 2.5 little one!

  5. I had to laugh at the "Carsyn Watsley". That makes me laugh :) She's such a beautiful girl!