Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hooray for weekends

I know my weekends seem pretty boring, but I know one day I'll look back and wish for low key weekends!

Starting from top left and working clockwise- Carsyn loves dressing Hank up and I fear his nightmare is just beginning.  But, God love her, she doesn't understand why everyone doesn't want to be a princess.  We were checking out at Hobby Lobby this weekend and out of nowhere she looked at the checkout lady and said "My mommy is a princess."  Awkward.

Have y'all hopped on the Matilda Jane bandwagon yet? My big sis introduced me to their stuff before Carsyn was even born and I never pulled the trigger.  Once Carsyn got big enough to wear their clothes I realized I liked their women's stuff too.  I mean, I may feel ridiculous in big ruffle pants, but they're SO comfy..and I feel a little more dressed up wearing them than my usual black yogas.  Please let them make more colors!

ESPN gameday was in Lexington Saturday and I tore the remote away from Carsyn Saturday morning to tune in.  I'm so proud to be a UK alum and gosh I love my cats.  This season has been a bit of a struggle, but we can't be National Champions every year.

Our washing machine broke last Wednesday and we did without until they could deliver us a new one this weekend.  Do you know the torture of going 3 days without a washing machine with 2 kids? I took a picture to show Carsyn and Hank why they can't go to college someday.  I'm betting those puppies cost more than my dad's first car.  And I got a "cheap" model.  Ridiculous.

I promised Carsyn a mommy/daughter date Saturday and the first thing she said Saturday morning is "Daddy! We're going to Hobby Lobby and to get yogurt parfaits.  Get my dress on!"

Girl was sooooo happy to be out and about.  She went in the yogurt place saying "Oh, its gonna be delicious" and left squealing "That was so fun."  She was so good in her stroller when I shopped- (I used the donkey in the mono mode for the first time in awhile and loved it.  That little side basket is awesome and I swear I grow more in love with that stroller every day. If anyone reading this is currently stroller shopping get the Donkey!!) I vow to have more days like this, I just feel so guilty leaving my little man at home.  He hung out with daddy and had a ball though.

Carsyn asks for books every night when I put her in her crib and I always oblige.  She's such a night owl and I watch her flip the pages on her monitor every night.  She's obsessed with ever what mommy does these days and I guess I've been perusing the Lilly book too often because she always wants it.  She says "Ok, where's mommy's Lilly book?" every night when I tuck her in and Saturday night this is what I found when I went to turn her nightlight off.

Monday mornings always hit me like a ton of bricks, but not Carsyn.  She woke up this morning and picked out her own outfit.  I guess we're hoping Spring comes really soon! I swear this girl likes a new outfit better than her momma.  After she gets dressed she wants to go to the door to take a picture for Rosie.  This stage is so much better than the hate cameras phase!

In case you were wondering what else our little shopping adventure entailed it was mostly for me to pick out new running shoes.  I'm hoping I love these Nike Frees..I'll keep you posted.

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  1. I've never owned a pair of Nike Free Runs because they just don't seem to fit my feet the right way!