Saturday, February 23, 2013

Friday Favorites

(we'll pretend its Friday, ok? -technically it was when I started typing, but the toddler has been in rare form lately shouting "I NEED SOMETHING!" when I lay her down...thus delaying important things I have to do like blog & read my US weekly)

Its no secret I love stuff..Here's the stuff I'm loving lately.

Mint skinnies

I have already wore these more than I care to admit..I questioned the fact they were a little more wintergreen than mint, but since I wanted to start wearing them with some winter pieces I figured the color was more suitable for this season than a lighter mint. Now ladies, where do I find the perfect pair in a lighter mint? I'm eyeing the Lilly Worth straight jean..anyone have them?  And if you're interested in these they can be found here.

Speaking of Lilly Pulitzer, have you seen the new prints?  I'm obsessed, OBSESSED, with the chin chin.

I am the worst eater in America y'all.  It seems its 1:00 and I'm starving because I forgot breakfast and I find myself raiding mom's pantry and wolfing 2 little debbie cakes before I even think about it.  And I really don't even like sweets that much.  I'm just busy and go for something easy.  Even W has better eating habits than me lately.  He's pretty much been kicking 2013 in the arse so I'm trying to step up my game too.  Instead of chugging my second cup of coffee on the way to work in the morning I've been gulping this.  Pretty much delicious and so much easier than whipping up something on my own.

Are you girl moms dying over the new Spring lines?  Yeah, me too!  W says I have a problem and he might be right, but I just adore all the little girls clothes out this season.

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