Friday, February 15, 2013

V Day

If Valentine's Day and all of its hoopla and flowers gags you, you might want to skip over this post. I actually like Valentine's Day..I mean who doesn't LOVE love..I love love.

 I don't know about you but this year I felt like I was drowning in a social media funk of one uppers and debbie downers.  Mercy, peeps, you wanna go overboard-go overboard, you wanna boycott V Day? By all means do so.   I've been the girl in high school that wished upon wishes for roses from a special someone and I've been the giddy newlywed surprised with blue boxes and flowers.  Now, as a mom I just wanted my kids to have a special day.  Here's a recap-

Prepare Valentine's Breakfast for the picky toddler.. The pancakes were nibbled and somehow sticky, syrupy goldfish ended upon my walls..and yes, we have goldfish for breakfast..don't mess with the girl's goldfish.

Get self dressed in appropriate Valentine's day heart attire..Resist urge to put hair in ponytail and wear cute shoes so husband thinks you've put forth effort.

Prepare lunch for toddler.. Who sees cookie cutters and assumes we're having cookies.  Assure toddler we'll have cookies later..

Dress toddler and baby and attempt photo for grandparents..
Fail at photo for grandparents..
Out the door for shopping and Valentine's manis..
Back home to tuck kids in for naps and arrange various gifts sent throughout the day..
Open gifts and encourage toddler to "mail herself" to granny and papaw some other time and bake cupcakes instead..

Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle..

Set the dinner table..

Scarf pizza while feeding baby and retrieving balloon toddler keeps "accidentally" letting float to the ceiling...pause for photo op with baby boy..

Have late night chocolate strawberry with toddler wound up from already having too much chocolate & sprinkles..

So, next year its takeout and a movie...and no balloons..and lots of wine..Who's joining me?

(ps- I'm aware my pictures are you think there was time to find my Nikon? ;)



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  1. Looks like a wonderful Valentine's Day! I love to see Carsyn making cupcakes & getting manicures!