Monday, December 3, 2012

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Lately we have been busy, busy, busy getting in the Christmas spirit. Here's what's been going on:

Trip to the tree lot with my little elves: (please dismiss the nose boo boo on Carsyn's face- I assure you it happened due to a completely innocent Dolly Parton Christmas dance party).

Carsyn put ornaments on the tree in her room all by herself.  She is loving Christmas this year and every morning she runs to each tree asking to turn the lights on.
We read the Elf on a Shelf book to Carsyn Thanksgiving night and she aptly named her Elf, Noodles.  She loves finding her every morning!

Noodles rode in on Cinderella's carriage one morning and put a wreath on her castle the next.  She also brought Carsyn 25 books of Christmas and we have been opening one a night to read before bed.
We went to see the local Nutcracker production and Carsyn was so very excited.  She set through the entire play and kept asking for the Nutcracker to come back.

Are y'all in the Christmas spirit yet?  We've been listening to Dolly and Kenny, watching Christmas movies and decorating trees- Fa-la-la.


  1. They are so precious! All your Christmas stuff looks great! I am working on finishing up ours today ... feels weird decorating when its 70 degrees outside today haha!!

  2. Love these pictures! You look BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I can't believe C sat through the Nutcracker...I keep thinking about attempting a theatre trip during the Holidays...I guess the worst that could happen is we have to leave! HA! Glad y'all are having fun over there!!!

  3. OH such great Christmas memories!!!

  4. Great post - the house looks stunning. Your daughter is surely going to have nothing but sweet memories of this time of year!

  5. All the pictures are great! I love Carsyn's Christmas tree!

  6. I am so impressed she sat through the whole Nutcracker. I can't get Mason to sit still for a 30 minute show. You look stunning, momma!