Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Little Moments

There are moments in life you know you are going to be an emotional wreck and then there are moments that sneak up on you.  You know, the ones where tears are rolling down your face and you think you must be nuts, but then again you're a mom so its ok.

Case in point; September and Carsyn's first haircut.  She just looked so big in that chair and was so brave. She didn't bat an eye or shed a tear.

And Hank-sweet baby Hank.  He's grown up so fast.  He's not my cuddly newborn anymore.  He's my little man.  Rolling over like a little champ.

 And when did I get a kid that looks too big for a stroller?? (And 2 going on 13 for that matter)

And Halloween.  Why does this little girl in a Belle dress make me weep like a baby?  She was SO excited to be Belle for the night.  She was so opinionated..refusing to wear a crown.

Our first Halloween as a family of four.  Little princess Belle and Elvis.

So, I guess that's pretty random, but that's how life seems these days.  All of these little moments are occurring and they're all jumbled up in my head.  My kids are going up.  My life is flashing by too fast. I feel like tomorrow Carsyn will be going to prom and Hank will threatening her date.  Maybe its the holiday season, but I'd love to just slow down.


  1. I'm finding it much easier to slow down and enjoy these moments here lately. I think it's the Holidays. But I want to live like this all year! ENJOYING the moment!

    Love Carsyns little hat and ruffle pants! Best dressed little girl around!!!!

  2. I want to cry reading this post too! Babies grow up too fast! Atleast we have good pictures and temper tantrums to keep us in check!

  3. you all are just the cutest little fam ever.... and.. I pink puffy heart your stroller!

  4. I keep saying every day how fast our babies are growing up. I want time to stand still. I want to be able to soak it all up.

  5. I dont understand how it goes so so fast!! Need to make an effort to enjoy and slow down these moments!!!

    You and your family are just the sweetest and cutest ever!!!