Friday, December 21, 2012

I even thought of Gatlinburg

We loaded up our little family of four in the family truckster earlier this month and headed to TN.  We stayed in the same cabin as usual and the kids loved having a Christmas tree.

We visited the Aquarium and Dollywood.  Carsyn led Shane around Dollywood squealing "Look at the lights-red and green and blue!"  I think Hank really enjoyed them too.

Carsyn's favorite part of the aquarium was the penguins, but Hank thought they were boring and preferred to suck his toes.

We rode the Polar Express and went to the Christmas parade downtown (which is apparently a BIG DEAL).

Carsyn was actually pretty smitten with Santa on the Polar Express.  Too bad that hasn't lasted.

Can you tell this boy really did not enjoy the parade?  

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