Thursday, November 8, 2012


When my sista from another mista had her baby boy (albeit 10 days after Hank's arrival) I jotted down in the trusty ECLP meet Griffin! for the month of October.  I picked October because baby boy would be (hopefully) sleeping well and on a schedule and Rosie was free to go with us.

Let me first say I started blogging shortly after finding out I was pregnant with Carsyn for a primary focus of documentation.  I stumbled upon this little blog and quickly started following because we were southern blondes with like values and almost exact same due dates.  Little did we know our first babes would end up sharing a birthday. We turned into email chat buddies, hey tell besties, and last February IRL buds.  Our friendship is simply the best thing that has resulted from this little southern blonde blog.

We got into town Sunday and shopped awhile and checked into the Opryland.  Carsyn is such a little shopper!

Laura and I had planned a dinner without the kids and though I left a fussy baby boy and whiny toddler with my mom I enjoyed every second.  In fact the times we got together we were so busy catching up and chasing toddlers we didn't get one.single.picture together.  Oh well, that just gives me an excuse to go back soon. (BUT, Laura vows to come to the sticks someday, so we'll see)

Monday we met Laura, Grayson, and Griffin at a park and I finally got to feast my eyes on this snoozy little prince.

Look at those little skinny legs! I die!

Our wild toddlers ran around the park enjoying the beautiful weather.

Mom and I shopped more on Monday afternoon and explored the hotel Monday night. Carsyn loved looking at the water and Hank was trying to take it all in.

Laura suggested we visit the Factory for shopping and dining and we ventured there on Tuesday.

Carsyn was so in love with all of the fall decor and pumpkins-girl loves her some pumpkins!  She just kept wanting us to take her picture.

She posed..

And posed..

And posed some more..

And Mr Hank slept through all of the excitement.

Traveling with 2 kiddos is a little challenging, but we had so much fun.  I can't wait to go back!


  1. Love all the pictures! Looks like a great trip!

  2. Love it to no end. I enjoy the photos of both families. I guess because I follow both of you & I love how close you all live to me :) so the places you go are familiar!

  3. looks like such a fun trip!!!

    now i just need both of you ladies to come to charleston in april so i can meet you both!!!!

  4. So cute! And I LOVE the elephant outfits!

  5. Glad you loved the factory! We are having our wedding there in September and I LOVE that place!! I am also a KY gal and I am glad I stumbled accross your blog!