Monday, November 5, 2012

A 4 Yr Old and a Couple of Virgos

(Truth- I could have just labeled this catchup photo dump, but that's boring.  I try not to be boring).

August was a busy month.  Baby boy had just made his debut, my nephew, Maddox, turned four and the hubby and I both celebrated our birthday.  My notebook crashed and I just couldn't get some important events documented.

So, a few months and an iMac later I'm ready to catchup.

We had Maddox's baseball party at mom and dad's.  This was my favorite theme yet and the kids had so much fun!

We went out for barbecue for my birthday and came back to my house for cake.

Carsyn loves her pops!


  1. I love the theme. It is so cute & adorable! I am glad you all had fun & enjoyed your time together... I love the photos as always! Carsyn is gettin so big & so the little mr :)