Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend and Pinterest Fail

I kind of miss weekend recaps, and though I know I'm the only one, I like documenting what's going on in life at a particular moment so here goes-

We usually venture to my inlaws home a few weekends a month and I was happy to visit them and watch the game on Saturday.  The kids were just on their best behavior and they love being spoiled my granny, papaw, and auntie Kristi.

Its so fun to dress a boy during football season!

After the game we all watched Cinderella together and Carsyn was so smitten with her.  She's still singing Bippity Boppity Boo to her best ability.  Go get your copy before it goes back in the vault!

Sunday Carsyn and I headed out to church without the little guy.  We were late as usual but I wanted to get a picture of her in her fall dress so we had a little photo shoot on the front porch. I am just loving all of the fall fashion for little girls.

Carsyn sat through the whole church service with me and colored!! I was AMAZED.  The Lord was definitely working some magic that morning...or else Carsyn's special friend Susan and her magic markers were ;)

**Note-I did try a pinterest project today, but wasn't so thrilled with the result.  Have y'all tried this??

Here's mine-

Mine looked good, but the consistency was not right. I noticed in the pin the color is definitely creamier so perhaps I'll add more coconut milk the next time.

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  1. That looks so good. I have had a few recent Pintrest fails.