Monday, October 15, 2012

Oh Monday

Mondays just roll around too soon and I have little checked off my weekend to do list.  While its a little depressing I've learned lately not to make my expectations too high.

Saturday Carsyn and I took a little trip to Hobby Lobby and to get some froyo.  Girl loves Hobby Lobby so much and just squeals at every thing she sees.  Oooh Mickey, Oohh Mrs. Claus, Oohh, pumpkins!- Its quite hilarious.  Even more hilarious is the hubby sent me this picture of Hank.

The camo- I was dying.  And by the way, kid's favorite place to nap is the front porch in the Moses basket.  Crazy considering he's a kid that doesn't take too well to naps.

I feel like I've won a small victory if I make it to church on Sundays with the munchkins.  Being on time? That's a different story.  I snapped a few pics before we left but could not get a good one.  That's the way it goes with 2 kids, right?

Carsyn is wearing a little Matilda Jane dress courtesy of her aunt Kristi.  I'm having my first trunk show Saturday and I"m so excited-I hope it goes well.  I just adore their clothes and have been counting down the days til Carsyn could wear them ever since my sister introduced me years ago.

Carsyn and I headed to the lake Sunday evening for some sliding and swinging action.

I love Fall but I dread winter coming a little.  What the heck am I going to do with 2 kids indoors?!?

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  1. Oh honey! I will pray for you...that first winter with the twins I had a 2.5 year old and 3 month old twins! Maddy drove me up a wall!!! Art projects! Lots of art projects!!