Monday, October 22, 2012

Hank is 3 months old

Baby boy, you are 3 months old today!!  I cannot believe how time is flown.  It just seems that snuggly baby phase lasted no time.

 You have become Mr. Alert.  You are enjoying your play mats and tummy time a whole lot more.  You are grabbing things with your little hands and love chewing on them.

And....its official.  You're a thumb sucker.  Forget the paci, you are ALL about the thumb.  It may be hard to break later, but its so cute and just calms you right down.  You are now sleeping in your sleep sack so you can get to your thumb easily.

Speaking of sleep-mister, you are a CHAMP.  You usually go to sleep around 10 and sleep til 8 or 9 the next morning.  I hate letting you sit up so late, but I love being able to sleep in.  Nap time is a different story.  Some days, well most days really, you hardly nap for over an hour.

You are still mommas big boy! You wear size 3-6 month and a size 2 diaper.  Gigantic by no means, but still a good size boy.  You eat every 4 hours and go all night without a snack. Judging from your bottles you take 6 ozs.  You will take a bottle from anyone who offers- you are such a chill little man.

Your eyes light up when big sister is around! You laugh and follow her around with your eyes.  You'll even turn your head to find her in a room.  And she loves you so much.

Oh, sorry but big sister really wants to be part of your hippo picture....

I want hippo!!!!

Excuse me Hank..

Ahh, much better!

Wait! Still not situated..

Fine, mom. I'll pull his hat up..

All Better!!

Thank you baby boy for giving us such joy and making our family complete (and tolerating your diva sister and her antics)!


  1. Finally getting to see this post. I love all the pictures and really miss my 2 favorite little people. Hope to see you all this weekend!

  2. Haha. I love all the shots! And the little football hat-- too cute!!