Friday, October 5, 2012

Carsyn Presley-what are you doing?

I know everyone says twos are terrible and sometimes I can see why.  That being said this is such a fun stage as a parent.  Carsyn does or says something new everyday and I just cannot keep track of it.  She's really into posing for pictures right now (if she's in the right mood) and loves saying "cheese."
Not too long after bringing Hank home we had a little modeling session in the playroom.  We had curled her hair that day and she was in such a girly mood.  She was really hamming it up for the camera!

I am trying to keep track of all of her little "Carsyn-isms" but its hard!
* You love to ask people "What are you DO-ING?"  The other day at the playground a girl was standing too close to you and you turned and asked her in quite an annoyed manner.
* You had a little lesson in sharing at Church last week after picking up every toy and declaring "that's Carsyn's!"
*You raise the tone of your voice when addressing "hanky poo"- I'm sorry Hank ;)
* You love to say "scuse me" and "tank you".  If Hank is in his carrier or stroller at the park you'll run by him and shout "scuse me hanky poo!!"
*  When momma hits her breaks or goes over a bump in the car you shout "whoa momma!"
*  Anything you love doing you ask to " do it 'gin"
*  I'm ashamed to admit Honey Boo Boo amazes you.  You love to watch her any time she's on tv.
*  You really like to pick out your own clothes- high heels with tee shirts for play or tutus to bed!
*  You demand a toy go to bed with you.  Right now its "puppy" that your pal Susan got you. 
*  You also demand a story be read every night.  When momma says its story time you say "where's blanket and puppy at?"  Then you climb up in momma's lap and tell her which book you want.  You have nicknames for most of your favorites- "pumpkin patch", "fairies", "princess", "chals-ton", "angel", and "c-ca-go".
*  When momma asks you to wait on her like a big girl you usually sit immediately and say "I wait big girl on mommy."

You're such a special little girl Carsyn and we love you so much!!


  1. She is a doll! And that outfit! Don't you secretly wish we could dress like our daughters?

  2. I think two's can be good & bad both. But they have tempers at every age. Little miss has grown so much. I have loved seeing her grow as a little one :)

  3. I love my little model. Work it Smoochie! Lol!