Thursday, August 9, 2012

Perfect Beach Waves

I have hair issues. In the summer frizz and natural curl take over and I'm too lazy to fight it. I see women in magazines with perfect "beach waves" and always think why can't my hair do that?!

Do y'all remember Michelle from the Bachelor?  I stumbled upon her YouTube channel and found some amazing beauty tips.  One of my favorites is her guide to perfect beach waves.

Given I don't have time to do this that often and it's likely too damaging anyway, but the results are pretty satisfying.

This is day 2 of my first attempt..

It's a little excessive to flat iron but it's the only way my ends turn out smooth. Here are two products that are necessities for me.

I'm sure any type of thermal protectant and dry shampoo would work.

Let me know if you try this!!


  1. awe your hair looks cute! It turned out good :)

  2. Looks great! I don't wash mine every day but I do have to use the flat iron to get the curl...i'm sure mine is damaged to the max...but it's the price we pay! You look FAB-U-LOUS!