Friday, August 10, 2012

How's this for Friday?

Its Friday!!! If Carsyn was typing this she'd say "holla!" I swear I do not know where she comes up with this stuff. Have I told you she's started calling me Jensie and her daddy Shane? Sad. A story for another day.
We're in full survival mode here in the Watts house. Hank is 3 weeks old and I'm giving myself til his 4 week birthday to start living like a human again..Including things like showering daily and getting out of my pjs before 4:00. I'm rocking the mom uniform (yoga pants and nursing bra) on a daily basis. I know what you're thinking..poor husband. Trust me, this was a good'd really feel sorry for him on a bad one.

Pretty sure I snapped this pic last week and pretty sure I've rocked this ensemble about 3 times since then.

We went to the ped this week and Hank earned his nickname "hank the tank". (exhibit A) Kid is up to almost 9 lbs and has 3 chins. He loves to eat...and poop. He also loves to be cuddled. Rarely does he leave my arms or daddy's arms and when he does he is snuggled in the rock and play or carseat. One more week kiddo then you're going to the crib.

Carsyn is such a character. A demanding, energizer bunny of a character. I'm sure that has nothing to do with a sugar high from all of my cookie bribery. She has been feeding Hank goldfish lately and I'll often find him covered in them. (exhibit B)

One of her favorite things to do now is take things out of the mini fridge. (exhibit D) We thought it would be cute to have her juice boxes within easy reach. WRONG. She loves opening the fridge and getting them out. I just fear for when she opens the other side and starts lining up momma's pinot grigio.

She has also decided Mickey and Minnie need to accompany her everywhere (exhibit C). This is cute at home, but not so sure how it'll work out when we travel. I've almost decided I need a school bus to haul the munchkins around as is.

To top of my Friday Carsyn knocked my notebook off the table and now it looks like this:

It was on its last leg anyway, but guess who didn't have their pictures backed up?

Cheers to your weekend friends, I have 30 minutes of naptime left and its time to decide whether I'll chug some coffee or crash for a power nap.


  1. I vote nap! You look great for a hot mess!

  2. Robby & I have laughed over this post. We can just imagine Carsyn feeding goldfish to "Hink". They are adorable.

  3. Maddy did the same thing to my laptop, which was also on its last leg. Guess who also hadn't backed up pictures? Not cool.

  4. If your kid starts lining up bottles of pinot, you better take a picture of that!