Thursday, August 2, 2012


Basically everything in my life right now evolves around adjusting to life with 2 little ones. Its somewhat heartbreaking to watch your baby girl grow up the day you bring your baby boy home. Carsyn has actually developed into a great big sister after less than 2 weeks. She colors while I nurse and loves bringing Hank diapers and blankets. She pats his head and says "real gentle" and it pretty much melts my heart. She wrinkles her little forehead and says "don't cry Hank" when he gets fussy.

Usually after nap time she becomes a little more mommy dependent. I try to put Hank in the swing or pack and play and devote time to just her. Sometimes I can and sometimes I cannot. The other day we were having lunch together at the table and she looked at me, grinned, and said in her sweet little voice, "I love you mommy."

Don't get me wrong, I've heard it before, but she's just not a kid that says that on a daily basis. She says it when she means it, when her world is just perfect. And in that moment I realized maybe I can do this multiple kids thing. Just maybe.


  1. Of course you can! You are a great mama!

  2. Such a sweet post. You are a wonderful mother and Carsyn loves you dearly.