Monday, August 13, 2012

A weekend of small victories

I was reading this post by AP the other day and found myself nodding with every word in agreement.  You see folks, with the first child I, along with many, had some lofty goals and expectations.  I figured dinner would be on the table as always, the house would be clean, etc.  With the second child I was pretty prepared for reality.

Truthfully, my biggest accomplishment everyday is survival.  If we make it though one day with no emergency room visits I'm happy.  If I happen to cook dinner several nights in a row, I'm ecstatic.  If the laundry gets done and I happen to shower and put on makeup?? We're talking gold medal people.  Last week was a pretty great week.  I went into work on Wednesday and felt a little bit giddy at the thought of my normal life returning.  I spent Thursday and Friday at home, in my pjs, rocking the little guy and trying to keep the toddler from collapsing from boredom.  When the hubby dropped the bomb on me he was working all weekend I might have wept.

But, I gave myself a little mental check and decided I'd do some things for myself.  Saturday morning I loaded up the kiddos and went to the lake for a walk.  The endorphins kicked in and I might have even jogged a little!  Evidently that exhausted the whole family and we took colossal 3 hour naps that evening.  Two small victories in one day!! :) 

Saturday night I decided I had to get serious about putting Hank on a schedule...and putting him in his crib.  Hank is a cuddler; big sister was not so much.  She was pretty happy laying on her back and starting sleeping in her crib pretty early.  And by sleeping, I mean small increments people.  I didn't bring her home from the hospital and sock her in it!  So after feeding little man Saturday night I swaddled him up and laid him down.  A little whimpering and he slept like that for about 3 hours. 

Of course, it kind of breaks my momma heart to see such a little guy in such a big bed so he cuddled with me the rest of the night.  (I did put him in his crib for nighttime last night as well and he made it 3 hours again!  Sweet victory!)

Sunday I had already asked Rosie to watch Hank so Carsyn and I could go to church together.  Honestly running a 10k is easier than getting myself and 2 kids ready and out the door!  Carsyn is loving sitting at my dressing table and pretending to put on makeup so that occupied her for a little while.

Hank is pretty content in his rock and play..

(And oh my you see those little leg rolls??)

Anyway, we made it!!  Carsyn loves seeing everyone at church, but secretly I think she just goes for the toys.

So my advice to new mommas and mommas of two- Take AP's advice and celebrate those small victories!


  1. You have the cutest kids! I agree that the small victories are what its all about. Sounds like you are doing a great job! =)

  2. Proud of you momma! You are doing a great job!

  3. If I make it to work each day without crap on my clothes, I consider that a personal victory! 3 kids is rough! Oh and I love me some baby rolls!!! So cute!