Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What's on my mind

* Reality TV is becoming all I watch. I'm addicted to The Voice. And of course all of the Real Housewives series. OC has been sort of a snooze fest this season but Jersey never fails to entertain. Does anyone else think something is a little off with Melissa? I'm excited for America's Got Talent!

* Arnold Schwarzenegger is so lame. I seriously wanted to throw up after catching a glimpse of him in Kindergarten Cop recently. Ok, I was watching... It was kind of a cute movie.

* Memorial Weekend used to mean carefree time at the lake. This year it involved lots of pressure washing, some naps, baby's first dip in the pool, and purchasing an SUV big enough to haul a pack n play, exersaucer, and basically the whole house in.

* My email and facebook accounts were both recently hacked. I don't know what upsets me more, the fact they were hacked, or the fact msn nor facebook has made any attempt to resolve the issue.

* For those who were wondering-I did not recently take a surprise trip to the United Kingdom and get mugged leaving me to only communicate via facebook and email-see above. And if you were concerned about me, thanks.

* Why do I think I'll magically be tanned and skinny by the time vacation rolls around every year? I am a fair skinned 31 year old woman. It is what it is.

* Carsyn is still toothless.. Dear tooth fairy Gods, I'm ready for the tooth. Especially if this means an end to my drooling, moaning, sporadic napping, skinny, not so hungry child.

* My Keurig is officially broke. Ironically my Cuisinart is out of commission also.. Momma not happy. If anyone knows how to de-mold the Cuisinart or make the Keurig stop flashing Not Ready please let me know!!

* I do 1800 loads of laundry a day.. Am I the only one?

* I'm way too excited about the custom Starbucks cold cup I just purchased. Is it crazy to be happy about writing your name and beverage of choice in pink?

What's on your mind?


  1. Call the Keurig toll free #! My mom was able to fix her's over the phone and a friend got a new one free of charge!

  2. Do you watch bachelorette? I love it.. and I hate bentley ready for him to go home.

    Sorry about the hacking... that sucks

  3. Sorry about your hacked accounts and coffee makers. Major bummers. Hope you're back in caffeine very soon. Now, please tell me more about a custom Starbucks cup...sounds like a must have!

  4. Girl I live in a mound of laundry up to my eye balls! Between the twins (2X the amount of poop and puke you have...yay me!) and a husband who fishes (which to him must equal jumping head first into a lake! Ew!), all I ever do is laundry!

  5. Everytime i go to bUcks i stare at that cup. I just need to buy it already. I agree OC has been really boring, the only good thing about it is seeing all the cute clothes gretchen wears. The season finale is supposed to be good, tamra beats up jeanna hahaha, or vice versa. its funny because im from orange county and that area is so broke now compared to how it used to be i wonder how half those people still have money.