Thursday, May 19, 2011

Carsyn is 8 months old!!

I cannot believe my baby girl is 8 months old!! Please forgive the sheer abundance of photos but Carsyn was all about posing today so I snapped a zillion. Usually she will not sit still for a moment! She has such a cute little personality-I hope it shows in some of the pics!

Hi mom..

Can I have the camera please..

Well, how about a hug?? I'm tired..

and angry...

can we hang out in the crib now?

Every day is an adventure with you Carsyn Presley! You are finally sitting up for long stretches of time and playing with toys. Of course your favorite toys are the phone, remote, and magazines. Boy, you could shred magazines for hours. You still love the jumperoo but really had rather be scooting around on the floor. You are an excellent backwards scooter and can be gone in the blink of an eye. I know crawling is just around the corner...sigh. You still profess your love for da-da all day long. So far we've got a few ma-mas but only when you really want our attention. You also have been waking me up in the morning saying ba-ba. Bottle?? Not sure yet.

Speaking of mornings, you still are on your little sleep strike and wake momma up several nights a week. Luckily, there's nothing much wrong and you go back to sleep after a quick bite to eat or a little loving from your momma. As far as eating goes you're still a pretty passive eater. Peaches are by far your favorite with sweet potatoes a close second. You're fine with your puffs as long as they don't touch your mouth. You pick them up, move them around, and throw them on the floor. You hate the way they taste..perhaps you'll be a picky eater like your dad. I guess that's why your still tiny. According to our scales at home you're 15 lbs- Momma's itty! You're still long though-just not sure of your exact height. You take up your 9 months clothes in height but can still wear some 3-6 month outfits.

You are such a happy little girl, Carsyn. Everywhere we go people ask me if you're always that good and I reply yes! You are a wonderful, wonderful little girl, but you are also a little spoiled if the truth be told. You can sit through a whole restaurant meal out and an entire church service without making a fuss. You can travel hours in your car seat completely entertained. However, when it comes afternoon nap time the screamies start if momma is not around. Then again, I'm not sure who enjoys nap time more you or her ;)

You have brought an abundance of joy to our lives Carsyn and mommy and daddy just don't know what we'd do without you.


  1. Such a sweet post.....We love all the pics. Carsyn is just gorgeous!

  2. AAWW - I just love this - how sweet. Your little girl is absolutely beautiful --and all of that hair - lucky her!!!

    Happy 8 month birthday, Carsyn

  3. Aww how sweet. What a precious post!

  4. Could she be any cuter?!?!? I think not. Happy 8 months Carsyn! I know you know this, but you are one lucky momma to have such a sweet, happy little girl.

  5. So sweet, it is so wonderful you will have these posts to look back on! Carsyn is adorable!

  6. She looks so much older than she did just last month!! And that hair is fabulous!!!

  7. I cannot believe how much she has changed in one month! Carsyn is clearly Miss America 2029!