Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crowns, cupcakes, and closet chaos

I'm so happy that my SIL and BIL had the day off Friday to watch the royal wedding with us. I kidded and told Carsyn she could be fussy Thursday night and sure enough after sleeping like her old self all week she decided to get up early that morning. We hung out and watched a little of the festivities but I recorded the ceremony and waited for my company to arrive so we could watch it together. I dressed Carsyn up but love her heart she was so tired from not sleeping well.

After the local bakery told me they didn't know what the British flag looked like I attempted to make my own cupcakes..

I fixed some scones and set out my never before used china..

The china did not make the scones taste better :(

We had such a nice time even though Carsyn took a colossal 3 hour nap. Luckily this allowed the hubby time to arrive home from work and we all watched the ceremony together.

Changing the subject entirely I decided to pop open some skinny girl margarita and organize my closet this weekend. I figured tackling it sober would be impossible but honestly I still don't have it finished. Here's one little section..

I have to say maybe it was the booze but this was really depressing! I had forgotten last summer I just purchased about 5-10 sundresses and lived in them. I do not want to look at these dresses let along wear them! Also, I have a huge stack of clothing that I have no idea what to do with. Some of it is worth selling but I think the majority will go to goodwill.

Wish me luck ladies.. I'm going to attempt to finish this week.


  1. We had a great time on friday! Carsyn looked so cute in her crown. I hope she gets to marry a prince someday!

  2. skinnygirl is the bomb dot com! good idea to drink while organizing.

  3. I'm in the process of cleaning out my closet...I'm in the same boat as you, most of my old clothes I cannot stand to even look at let alone wear so they will probably be sold/given to goodwill! Plus I'm moving and it is not even worth boxing them up!

  4. I'm moving and there is a pile of clothes I'm leaving behind completely because I have been hanging onto them for years and well...they just don't fit and probably never will! Good luck with organizing!

  5. Your cupcakes turned out great! Carsyn was so sweet in her Royal Wedding outfit. And the best part of cleaning out your closet is shopping for new things to replace what you've gotten rid of! :)

  6. Hi Jen - do you have a Platos closet in your area? You might be able to cash some in. Another idea is to do a bulk listing on craigslist.

    For example : Huge lot of clothes, size 5, excellent condition. Includes capris, skirts, tanks, shoes size 7 etc.. $30 (or whatever).

    Michelle ;)

    PS - I just posted a new giveaway. A BOX of goodies from GERMANY, items hand picked for the winner. $100 value.

    Enter here:

  7. So stinkin' fun!! Love it all!