Sunday, December 12, 2010

did you know...

I almost missed AMC's White Christmas marathon?? Thank goodness its on again tonight and I can't wait to cuddle up with Carsyn and watch it together..I'm sure she'll love it ;) Its a snowy day here in KY and we are watching football and recovering from our little holiday party last night. I love lazy Sundays! How is everyone else enjoying the Christmas season?? Do you have your shopping done??


  1. So fun! My husband and I have tickets to go watch that movie in an old theatre right before Christmas! I can't wait!

    I'm loving the Christmas season. I'm almost halfway done with my shopping and I have to have everything mailed by this week since we won't be going home for Christmas. Time crunch!

  2. We are watching it tonight, I'm excited because I've never seen it before! Happy to be a new follower :)