Sunday, December 19, 2010

Carsyn is 3 months old!!

You know how everyone says wait til they're 3 months old things really change...they do!!

Carsyn, you are such a joy and momma thanks God for you every day! You absolutely love to talk and jabber all of the time-We wish we knew what you were saying. You also have recently found your hands and really like to put them in your mouth. You are grasping things and really, really want to get your feet. You love lifting them but just haven't grasped them yet. You also love to kick. Bath time has become very enjoyable for you also and you love to kick the water ....we think you'll be swimming laps in the pool this summer :)

I cannot believe how much you have grown- you are officially wearing 3 month clothing. Some think you'll be tall like your momma and have her long legs, but I'm not so sure. You have become such a good sleeper and have been sleeping through the night since about Thanksgiving. You love to be swaddled and cuddled but your absolute favorite thing in the world is the TV!! You used to need cuddle time when you got fussy, but now you just want the TV-especially football. You love lights too and could stare at the Christmas tree for hours.

You are such a ham and love being the center of attention. Your aunties, uncles and grandparents spoil you rotten and you just eat it up. Of course you still look like your daddy, but you have momma's blue eyes. You also have such long fingers and toes!

Carsyn Presley, stop growing so fast!!


  1. em loves football too and can spend the entire day on sunday watching it if we would let her and I dont think she would get bored