Monday, October 4, 2010

Being a Mommy

You know when you're laying in the hospital getting ready to have a baby and the nurses tell you that part is a piece of cake..wait til you get them home?? They're right!! Now, I did not expect Carsyn to be sleeping through the night or to never cry, but I did expect a nap or two..I feel so overwhelmed sometimes but one look at those big blue eyes and I know its all worth it. It just seems to me while being a mom is the biggest blessing it is also a difficult job- props to all the moms out there. At this point I am taking mothering advice from anyone. Carsyn is 2 weeks old and all I know to expect is patterns will start developing at 6 weeks..I am new to this and want her to be "normal". If she sleeps 4 hours I think something is wrong-she's too sleepy, if she doesn't sleep at all (case in point last night) I feel I'm failing as a mommy.

Now on to the positive-

I drove to Lowe's yesterday!! The hubby told me I looked like Driving Miss Daisy and its only 2 miles from home, but I DID IT! The only drawback was I found myself lusting after Christmas trees and its not even Halloween yet. And, a man let me jump him in line because I looked tired :(

Also, thanks to Carsyn's healthy (and by healthy I mean hungry 24/7) appetite I am back in most of my pre pregnancy clothes!! And no hubby this does not mean I am skipping my shopping spree the first day I'm out of this house!

Sweet baby girl-


  1. love her dark hair! I went to Publix this week and you would've thought I went to Disney World...I was so excited! haha

  2. I really can't believe how quick you have lost the baby weight. You look like you were never pregnant! She is only 2 weeks old!
    I also love your new blog header!

  3. I hear ya.. I am sooooooooo tired. for a few nights Emme was sleeping 5 hours so I got used to that now she up less then every 2 hours... it's hard.. I feel like I can't do should nap but instead I am doing all the things I couldn't do when she was awake. Do you have to go back to work?

  4. Congratulations on your sweet baby girl - she is beautiful!

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Your daughter is beautiful!! Congrats!