Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Ugly Truth

Yesterday I had my 4 week checkup appt with my Dr. Carsyn and my mom accompanied me and she was an angel all day long. I did a little shopping but truthfully it was a hard adjustment trying to shop when I was waiting the whole time for Carsyn to have a temper tantrum. Luckily that did not happen and I ended up with a few things:

I'm not the biggest Tori Spelling fan but this book is super cute. I've already read it to Carsyn-she loved it ;)

Even though this is Louisville colors..ugh..I love this little dress- My post pregnancy body is not so great, but I plan to wear it with leggings and a jacket.

So, back to the Dr visit. I by no means want to be a debbie downer but figured I'd share a little about myself post c-section. As far as healing goes I am feeling pretty well. I have been walking some, but just do not feel like running yet. I plan to give myself a couple more weeks and get into it and my Dr said that was fine, just to take it slow. The area around my incision is a little puffy. I am assured it will go down, but perhaps not as much as I'd like-I guess that push present I've been nagging the hubby for might be a little plastic surgery-Ha! Now onto the weight issue- I have no clue what my pre-pregnancy weight was. I do not own a scale and just always relied on the old fashioned mirror to tell me when I had put on some lbs. My first Dr visit at 12 weeks I weighed 142. I actually think that number might have been a little low as I'd been so sick. My last visit I weighed 174-YIKES!! At my checkup yesterday I was 153. As of now I can wear all of my pre pregnancy clothes except a few pairs of pants and jeans. Its a little depressing but truthfully I am not that upset about it. I'm looking forward to getting back to working out and yoga and running.

I was so excited we ended the day yesterday with a little sushi :)

mmmmm.....Momma is sooo happy!!


  1. oh I need to get that Tori SPelling book, I love all her "adult" books so I'm sure I'll love her children's one!

  2. Sorry about all your post pregnancy concerns but I'm sure you will be back to your old self again in no time :)

    I had a c-section and the incision is below my bikini line and after it completely healed you can hardly even see it, there is obviously a scar but it is thin and very small. You can also use Mederma to reduce the appearance.

    I love that dress :) where is it from?

  3. You look great, and sushi always fixes the mood too :-)