Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Greetings and Recap

Hello friends!

Figured I'd do a little recap of what's been going on.

You probably know if you follow me on Insta that I fell a little over a week ago and broke my foot.

I have a fracture at my fifth metatarsal and the Orthopedic surgeon told me to take it easy and wear my boot and use my crutches and I might not have to have surgery.

I was sitting at the Doctor's office awaiting my boot when a nice fella sitting next to me asked what happened. I told him that I fell down my front steps chasing a cat and fractured my foot. I asked what happened to him and he told me he fell down a goat hill in Afghanistan.


I asked if I could steal his story to sound more heroic but so far nobody's buying it.  In all seriousness I've wallowed in a bit of self pity but that put things in a bit of perspective. At this point I'm telling myself I'm fortunate I didn't crack my head open or injure my foot worse. Supposedly it would have been worse if I'd torn my tendon, but thanks to running those are nice and strong. So when my ankle turned over my tendon stretched but my bone snapped.

And when I get really down and can't sleep I watch Flo videos on youtube.

I mean if she can get through Ship to Wreck without hopping of that stool and breaking it down surely I can make it a few more weeks.  Hmmm..... wonder how she broke her foot? Maybe I'll google her story and use it?

Ok.  Back to my own problems.  

My foot hurts a little still, but mainly wearing the boot is just annoying. I've been taking it really easy though. Rosie and Shane have been taking care of me and the kids. So grateful for those two!

Speaking of which I think Rosie might be doing my job better anyway.

Kids in coordinated outfits out shopping and posted on Instagram!

She manages to drop the kids off at school ON TIME and bring me home Starbucks. Then proceeds to do my laundry. And clean.  And cook dinner.


So enough about that...

Last weekend was all about Midnight, Carsyn's class pet. Each weekend a different student gets to take Midnight home with them and keep a journal of everything they do. To say Carsyn was excited is an understatement. 

Here she is the day she got him.

They went to the library..

And then loaded up to head to EKY for visits at "Camp Rosie" and Shane's mom and dad's house.

Midnight visited the local pizza shop and got to plow potatoes with Pops and Hank.

Saturday Midnight got to visit my bestie's house for her daughter's birthday party.

Midnight also got to have a tea party in the playhouse Sunday morning.

When I broke my foot I laughed and told Shane I'd finally get to ride one of those motorized scooters at the grocery store. 

I took midnight along to buy snacks for the classroom for the week and we tore up those aisles..

They see me rollin..

Here we are looking "bootylicious" at Meijer.

This weekend I got a little scared because my foot hurt a lot and I figured I'd be feeling much better.

I made it to Carsy's ballet lessons on Saturday but other than that I just alternated between Fox News and Hallmark movies.

Its ok though..I had these littles to snuggle up to.

And Carsyn picked out some movies for us to watch together.

I kid.  I did not let her get that!! But it was seriously what she picked.

This kid.  Such personality.  But she did a wonderful job picking out her own outfit Monday :)

So that's about it.. How are y'all?

Got any broken foot advice for me?  Hopefully just 2 more weeks!

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  1. So sorry to hear about your foot- prayer for a quick recovery for you! Also, can I come and live in Carsyn's playhouse? It is so stinkin' cute!! Looks like she had so much fun with midnight! :)