Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Thankful Thoughts

Wow. I cannot believe its already the ninth day of December.  Where did November go?

Y'all probably know Thanksgiving is my favorite, favorite holiday so before we get into holiday spice flat whites (which are the yummiest), trees full of sap, and little elf spies, lets recap a few thankful thoughts.

Thankful for these 2 blonde beauties and all the love they hold in their hearts..

And of course these 4 babes who are always up to something or conspiring together.

This beauty who happens to be an amazing SIL and aunt.

This woman who prepares a Thanksgiving feast suited for a King but doesn't bat an eye at the request of a PB and J.

This man and all he has taught my husband without ever failing to listen.

These 2.. 

Because everything from buying groceries for a Thanksgiving feast to waiting 2 hours while your car gets serviced is always an adventure.

This little girl, who celebrated her big 2 year birthday and always puts a smile on my face.

These people..  Who have tolerated my boot wearing grouchiness for countless weeks.

This girl, who never complains and smiles incessantly..

Cute cousins that can make it through an entire Charlie Brown movie when supplied with plenty of popcorn and diet coke.

The opportunity to see Broadway shows in your own backyard and family members that trust you when you insist they accompany you

So, that's it.  Guess I'd better get back to decking the halls with these little turkeys.

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