Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fall Fun!

FALL! Fall is my favorite.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.

Its also a super busy time of the year for us, but thats ok too.  
Probably my favorite thing to do is visit Gatlinburg and just people watch and hike. Or just basically stare at trees in their autumn glory.

We stayed at the Lodge at Buckberry Creek this year and I loved it.

They had s'mores waiting for us upon arrival and the whole staff was just super friendly.

The kids loved exploring.

There are hiking trails and little porches everywhere with rocking chairs and fire pits.

There were also rocking chairs on our porch.  I sat out here one morning and finally cracked open a book I've been wanting to read for a long time.  Ironically the kids called for me to come play with them, but I'm hoping to pick it back up soon.  Have y'all read it?

I mean, could you turn down that face?

Every year we travel through the Great Smoky Mountains to Bryson City to ride the Polar Express and this year we decided to do the Peanuts Pumpkin Patch Express.

I think the kid's favorite part was a tent they had set up with little decorated houses inside called Trick Or Treat Street.

Also.  Anyone else have kids that love to argue when they're at home but the minute they're in public become besties?  I don't think they let go of each other's hand the whole time.

Besties for sure.

Welllll....sometimes Carsyn can be a little TOO snuggly.

Of course no fall is complete without trips to Camp Rosie!

And decorating pumpkins!

When I told the babes to pose with their pumpkins Hank said I'm going to pretend to be dead, Mom!

So what could top painting pumpkins, and pumpkin patches?

How about a Taylor Swift concert with your bestie?

And your moms tagging along?

Seriously, So. Much. Fun.

Ricarda and I always get together for a "Spooky Sleepover" this time of year so we had the basement set up for the girls when we got home.

Love them so much.

We wrapped up October with trick or treating with my sister's kids in our neighborhood.  Hank insisted on being a "Charlie Brown" ghost until 5 minutes before time to trick or treat.  Then he was sad he wasn't a ninja.

Shane stayed home to hand out candy and my BIL drove me and all the kids around on the golf cart.  

Why you might ask?? Because momma fell and broke her foot and am wearing a super cute black boot for the next few weeks. Oops.

Maybe that means I'll finally have more time to blog?

Anyone else super sad to be taking down a few Halloween decorations...

Bye Bye cute little Halloween plates and cups..

Bye bye kid's little corner in the playroom..

See you later "witches brew" coffee station.

Don't worry though! My pumpkins stay out until Thanksgiving!

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