Friday, June 5, 2015


Hey friends…..Figured I'd share a little five on Friday with you..


I started this book on Saturday night and finished it on Monday night I think.

I read somewhere that Reese Witherspoon was making it into a movie and gosh I hope so.

Are y'all reading?  This is one I'd love to chat about.  Who do you think will play Mr. Larson in the movie?  What do you think about Ani?  Is she completely innocent?  Are you terrified of sending your babes to school like I am?


I am wearing this maxi dress in the above pic and have a feeling it will be on repeat all summer.  God bless the maxi dress…especially this one with a built in bra and cute little tie in the back.


It was Vacation Bible School at the church we used to attend this week and I took Carsyn for a few nights.  I tried to talk Hank into it but he was all "I gotta stay here and take care of my dogs and garden."

She had so much fun!


When my bestie told me this makeup palette was infused with real chocolate I drove to the nearest Sephora to pick it up.

Dare I say I like it better than the Naked.  Did I mention it smells like CHOCOLATE??


The kids still love eating at Palmers and feeding the ducks. We went last weekend and Rosie captured this pic.  Carsyn's excitement pretty much echoes the way I feel about summer finally being here.

Cheers to the weekend friends!! I'm linking up with April for Five on Friday as always.


  1. Carsyn is BEAUTIFUL! And a palette infused with chocolate? Count me in, all while hoping I don't take a little lick when I think nobody is watching...

  2. Love these 5 :) Too Faced infused with real chocolate what? How is that possible?