Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend recap

Hey, hey friends!

Hope y'all had a fabulous weekend!

If I've seemed absent lately it's because we're amidst a bit of chaos.

We've dealt with a bit of a soggy basement all winter so after exploring all options we've decided to waterproof with B Dry.

Basically they jack hammer up the floor in your basement and install drains and a pump.

Fun times.

It looks like this in case you were wondering.

I've been trying to paint and honestly I have a love/hate relationship with painting.  I love the end result.  I just hate the hand cramps..

Rosie and my MIL have kept the kids while I've been dealing with this and they're just the greatest.

I know the babes are well taken care of and they send me numerous status updates.

I escaped the mess Friday though and had dinner at Palmers with Rosie and the babes.

In happier news the hubs and I had a great day at Keeneland this Saturday.

The weather was on fleek .... (That's for you Amber) and it was so much fun.

Aside from the fact we won no money. Like seriously. Scratch being a professional gambler of our list of possible careers.

We did our homework,but I honestly thinks it's all about luck.

We had dinner afterward at Portofino.

It was really good, but I honestly thought it might be a tad overrated.  Local friends....what's your favorite restaurant in Lex?

I hit up the Lilly for Target sale via the internet Saturday night.  I got several things before smoke apparently started rolling off my debit card.  Kidding.  But they really did freeze it.  My convo with the lady at the bank went something like this:

Bank Lady:  Jennifer.  Your card is on hold because there were numerous charges at 3:00 in the morning at Target.
Me: Yeah. That was me.
Bank Lady: Oh. Well, there were about 10 transactions in less than 2 minutes.  Let me read them to you....
Me: Yeah.  Totally me.  Have you heard about the Lilly for Target sale?  Well, I heard from a friend the best stuff was going to be online only.  And the site would launch around 3:00 am.  And I had a long list of things...for me, my daughter, my mom....It was a really big deal.  And I just started buying...
Bank Lady: silence.
Me: Oh gosh.  Are you telling me you put a hold on those transactions??? They aren't going through!?  I'M NOT GETTING MY BEACH CHAIRS?!!!
Bank Lady: I need to talk to people upstairs.  I'll call you back.

In all honestly I do not take stuff like that too seriously.  I didn't get my beach chairs.  Darnit.  But my card is all freed up and at least I know I am protected from fraudulent activity.
I have mixed emotions on the Lilly for Target stuff.  I'm really bummed for people that had their heart set on getting things and didn't get to thanks to people filling their buggies.  BUT I have seen a lot of kindness also.  People willing to part with stuff they bought and actually visit their local store to pick up items for friends.  In good news the last release from Lilly is amazing and I'm sure glad I saved some pennies to spend on the real deal.

We had a very low key Sunday as you can tell from this pic. 

Poor Hanky fell asleep at 7:30 on the sofa.  Unfortunately he woke up at 1:00 and decided to party like a rock star until 5:00.  And by party like a rock star I mean demand chicken biscuit crackers and chocolate milk every 30 minutes from mom.

Happy Monday friends!!

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