Thursday, April 23, 2015


I'm always far behind on posting events as they happen, but I figure I started this blog for memories sake so technically it doesn't really matter.

We had a wonderful Easter weekend celebrating with friends and family.

We went to Camp Rosie Saturday and hid eggs and had dinner with my mom and dad.

Both of the kiddos were really into hiding eggs this year.

Side note.  Apparently turkey hunting season coincides with Easter and Pops informed the boys they needed to show up in their camo Saturday.  Soooooo…they showed up like this.  Rosie was THRILLED.

We spent the night at my inlaws Saturday night and the kids were excited to find the Easter bunny had delivered their baskets Sunday morning.

We made it to my favorite church Sunday morning and I snapped a pic of our Easter Sunday stroll.

I think this is my favorite picture yet…….here's a few past..

We went back to my in laws for dinner Sunday afternoon.

My MIL is such a phenomenal person.  I love her so much and love what a special relationship she has with Carsyn.

The kids spent some time in Carsyn's playhouse and I finally got the answer to a question I had been wondering.  I thought perhaps the kids would use the space as a shared house, but Hank moved his trucks in and sister was having no part of it.

The still love each other 95% of the time though.

Gosh.  It was such a good day.  Really wishing I could freeze time now.


  1. LOVED these pics. Especially all of their super cute coordinating outfits!!!

  2. Love seeing the pics of your sweet family!