Friday, April 17, 2015



I'm an admitted planner addict, y'all know that, right?  One may think that means I'm organized but trust me I'm not.  Well, when Whitney English announced she was releasing a today and to do planner in March I wrote that little tidbit down and ordered promptly.

Isn't she a beaut?  I think there are still some pink available here. 


One of the best things about living in Kentucky is horse racing.  We are headed to Keeneland tomorrow and I can't wait.  I'm thinking I'll wear this Laroque number I got last year.  I think its my all time favorite print.


Remember that holiday we celebrated recently?  I keep meaning to do an Easter post, but then I forget.  I"ll get on that this weekend.


I am by no means current or hip when it comes to music.  My running play list often consists of classic rock and Bruce Springsteen. That being said I've always been a fan of alt rock.  Usually songs that the hubs makes fun of are my favorites.  Right now I'm listening to Peaches by In the Valley Below on repeat. 

 I have no idea why this band fascinates me so.  Maybe its the funky chemistry they have on stage or the fact that they wear the same outfits all the time.  Listen to it and let me know what you think.


Remember when you were younger and your nightly ritual consisted of brushing your teeth and washing your face?  Well now I feel like my nightly ritual takes about 20 minutes.  Anyone else?  I think ever since I started to approach the downhill side to 40 panic started weighing in.

 I wash my face then slather on a moisturizer.  Apply my latisse, then my firming creams and hand lotion.  Do you think all this stuff really works?  I mean is it really worth it as women what we go through?

Happy Friday everyone! I'm hopping over to Natasha's blog to catch up with everyone else's five.

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