Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hank is 2

Oh, sweet boy..where do I start?

That July day 2 years ago when we met you?

You had the most loving little personality! I swear you didn't cry the first 3 weeks of your life.

We brought you home and although it feels like yesterday it feels like forever ago that you were this tiny.

Your sister was quite curious about you.


And you've surely had your ups and downs the past 2 years, but boy is one thing for sure.  You love each other like crazy.  You've started reaching out to hold her hand and its the cutest thing ever.

Speaking of all of the current things you're doing…

Smiling!! You are the happiest, laughing boy.  

You love to play with your trucks and trains.

You love to pretend build things.

You love books and love to be read to more than anything else.  Your favorite book is Hairy Bear.

You absolutely adore your blankie and take it everywhere.

You also love Mickey.  You watch him on TV along with your other favorites Little Einsteins & Octonauts.

You have really started talking lately.  Your current favorite phrase is "right there!" 

You wake up most mornings saying "I love you mommy."

Then you want to "Get Carsy up!"

I think you are a momma's boy but when someone asks you usually reply with a different answer-Usually whoever is holding you!

You love to slide! You love to ride your 3 wheeler! You just love to play with anything outside!

Your favorite food is peanut butter and jelly with pizza being a close second.

You have the sweetest curls and when we ask where your curls are you point to your head and say "right here."

You love to give kisses right on the mouth.

Hank, the world is a better place because you are in it.  You bring sunshine and laughter wherever you are.  Please stay momma's sweet boy forever!

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  1. I cannot believe that he is already two! Goodness where has time gone? Carysn looks so little in those pictures too she has even grown so much...