Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Whats Going On

I think I started this blog post a week ago and never finished..oops..
Summer is here!
Summer is here!
The first day of summer was National Wear Lilly day and I might have been longing for this day way too long to dress Hanky in this hand me down from Maddox.

I mean is there anything cuter than a boy with dirty feet in a jon jon? 

Well, maybe a boy holding his sister's hand.

We have made it to church quite a few Sundays in a row. Hooray!

We had Vacation Bible School last week and the kids had such a ball. 

The theme was detective and the kids really got into it.


Of course Hank's favorite night was the carnival night.

Guess who has two thumbs and is getting a giant inflatable for his upcoming birthday?!

We also made a trip to visit my sweet MIL last week.  It is her last year of being a superintendent and we are so proud of her.  She is just the best and it was so nice to take her out for a retirement dinner.

So, every night we asked Carsyn what she learned from VBS.  One night she told us she learned Jesus was a zombie.  Of course I was mortified and told her that wasn't true and asked why she would say that.  She replied that he came back from the dead just like Billy in Hocus Pocus.

I'm so laying off the Halloween movies.  But she kind of got the point, right?

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