Monday, August 18, 2014

But First a Farewell


This little blog has been neglected lately because packing up a whole house is hard y'all! And if you've done it before I know you feel me on that.

I'm a mix of emotions right now.

Excited about the future and our new house and living in the same town as my sister.

Yet sad to leave our old house behind.

And all of the memories it held.

Christmas time..

and the 10' live Christmas tree W cussed me every year for insisting upon.

My first Mother's Day..

Carsyn's nursery..

and her big girl room..

Bringing Hank home..

Hank's nursery..

Playing with the babes in the pool..

 And having poolside picnics..

Our playroom which we spent 90% of our time..

The front porch where we watched thunderstorms and posed for our Sunday morning pic..

Bye little house!! We are going to miss you!  And by we I mean I -the kids haven't looked back and W is stoked about being on a golf course!

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