Thursday, May 22, 2014

Weekend Recap

In efforts to return to my normalcy in blogging I'm bringing my weekend recap back. 

I'm aware its Thursday..

Baby Steps..

In exciting news most of y'all know we are moving to Lexington and I'm happy to finally share WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!

Pops the champs!

Ok, lets talk about how that was the most stressful, unfun (That should be a word), kill me now time of my life.

Thank goodness for my cuter than words, passionate, devoted, amazing, beautiful, one of a kind realtor, Dana.  Who's already promised to be my Lexington BFF because lets face it;  I don't make friends easily.  Although I think she's just using our friendship to get closer to her real sister soul mate Carsyn.

We can also discuss the fact that I might have been a Veuve virgin until this point and after having a sip I decided I'd stick with Asti.  And save like $50, And in the future if I'm spending more than $15 on wine I'll stick with Cakebread.

Moving right along we bought a home I like in a neighborhood I love.  All's good right?

Its by no means a fixer upper but there's a lot of things I want to do.  Some little and some big.  I'm going to try to be patient and enjoy doing the little projects…we'll see how that goes.

Saturday Rosie came by to work on our current home cleaning around the pool and cleaning windows. W literally worked outside for 8 hours straight so when he and the kids fell asleep I snuck to the lake to jog a few miles.  

I was so proud to finish three miles under 30 minutes because that NEVER happens due to the hills and the fact running in mulch and gravel is tough!  Unfortunately I've had the nagging feeling I've pulled a muscle in my leg for a week and running was probably not such a good idea.  

I really need to start back doing my yoga religiously and stretching before I run.  Any other tips?

We made it to church on Sunday and my heart was so full when I walked out the door.  As far as hymns go every time I hear When I Don't Know What to Do I feel at peace.  If you're not familiar with the song I urge you to listen.  

After I took this pic I realized it was time to trim Hank's curls a bit…Anyone want to vote on that?

Speaking of Hank, does he know how to end a weekend or what?

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  1. Congratulations on the new house - how exciting! Can't wait to see pictures. Is Lexington far from where you currently live or are you just moving to a different area nearby? The kiddos are precious - as always!