Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Weekend

Did y'all have a nice, long Memorial Weekend?  

We had a very low key weekend with the kids at home and did absolutely no traveling.  Pretty nice for a change!

I took the kids to the park Friday night and posted this picture of Hank on Insta.

I mean is that the face of pure joy or what?  When I go to the park I want to be one of those cool (and by cool I mean completely oblivious to the fact their child is a raging bully that throws mulch, pushes kids down and hogs the slide) moms that just chill on a bench somewhere talking on their phone or chatting with others.

Instead I'm the crazy, uptight mom frantically running around and yelling "don't run!' "watch out!" "wait your turn!" "where's your brother?" "you're too close to the water!" "wait, where's your sister?" to really enjoy any of it.  Its honestly the longest hour of. my. life. 

Do you feel me on that?

We made it to church this weekend and I got some cute pics of the kids on the front steps in one of those rare moments they loved each other.

We had the best weather this weekend and got to enjoy some pool time.  Carsyn went off the diving board for the first time.

Carsyn has really never been scared of the pool.  When she was Hank's age she would just sit on the steps and play with pool toys.  She was afraid to go any further and would not wear floaties so I was ok with that.  I usually just sat in the water with her. Last year I really tried to get her to swim without floaties and it was too hard.  She got very comfortable wearing her puddle jumper and was swimming all around the pool before summer was over.  I figured Hank would love the pool and splash around but he was having none of it.  I barely got him on the first step.  Cracks me up because I always think of him as my fearless one.

Monday we got dressed up in our patriotic gear and went out to eat with Rosie.

And I completely stole my OOTN from Pinterest.

And I already ordered the matching shorts to Carsyn's dress but I really want the dress too.  Have y'all seen it?  Is it cute?

And speaking of cute, how cute is Rosie's dress?  I'm totally stealing it I think.

Moving right along..I'm off to pick out paint colors for the new house today.
I really need some light, happy colors in the blue and green family. Any suggestions?

We have dress rehearsal for Carsyn Thursday and Friday night is recital night!! I'm so nervous for my girl.  She loves, loves, loves dancing but told me last week she got a little nervous up on that stage.  Broke my momma heart a little.  Can y'all say a little prayer for my sweet girl to calm her nerves?  That'd be great!

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  1. When we built our house last year I wanted light and airy, too, so I did our whole house in Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray, Balanced Beige, and Quietude (blue/green). I have loved all of them - they all flow really well and are calming and easy to decorate with. Good luck with the new house!!!