Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spring Break 2014

We made the annual Spring Break trip with my sister and her family last month…and SURVIVED!

2 SUVs..
4 adults..
4 kids..
8 hours later we were in Isle of Palms, SC (one of my favorite places on earth).

We had dinner at Morgan Creek Grill the first night there and the kids loved being on the water.

I loved the Firefly Martini.

And dressing baby boy in proper boat clothing.

We actually had a week of really good beach days!

Carsyn has always been my little beach babe.  She could play in the sand forever.

It took a while for Hank to warm up to the sand this year but by day 3 he was loving it too.

We went to Shem Creek the second night for dinner.

Hank spent most of the time outside in the adirondack chair.  I cannot remember what I ate. I'm sure it involved wine.

The girls decided to shop in Charleston the next day.  I chose to chill on the balcony in my favorite pants.

And take OOTD selfies.

I braved shopping for a little while with the girls the next day and tried out my Harrow booties.

Honestly y'all they are pretty comfy for such a high heel.

We took Pineapple Fountain pics and had dinner at Fleet Landing.

I really need to learn to take better food pics because these crab cakes were HUGE.  And topped with some pretty darn amazing fried onions too.  Did I mention they were on a bed of mashed potatoes? Because I'm pretty sure they were.

Did I mention Rosie yet?  You know she's pretty amazing also. She wrangles kids.  She does laundry.  She holds babies in her lap while eating dinner.

I mean the kids all just adore her..And she's pretty darn cute, right?

Speaking of cute….How adorable is my sister's family?

It seems like yesterday they said their vows at this very same spot!

And in conclusion…a few high notes from the trip…

Dinner at SALT.

Mini golf with the future Paula Creamer..

Beach photos..

Loving cousins..

and loving siblings… (for the most part).


  1. looks like such a fun trip. love all the food and outfit pics. your kidos are precious

  2. Looks like you all had a wonderful time on your trip. I love the outfits too darn cute..

  3. You really seemed to be enjoying that Spring break trip! All pics looks wonderful and your kids are so cute.......