Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend recap- big hairbow edition

I didn't work on Friday and it was quite wonderful. There's something about a 3 day weekend that leaves you feeling a bit more recharged. I think I might make that tradition (sorry pops).  Hank climbed all over every thing possible Friday morning (typical) and Carsyn and I tried to be lazy and watch our comedies.

We went to Walmart and picked out a toy and I put both kids down for naps when we got back.  Carsyn woke up before Hank and we played dress up in my closet.  She loves doing my hair.

I asked Carsyn what she wanted to do Saturday and she said go to a shopping mall with my baby brother.  The closest one is almost an hour away so we loaded up after naps and went.  For some reason they were both so well behaved-Carsyn even set in her stroller most of the time.  I'm thinking the secret is long naps beforehand and bellies full of froyo.


I got to sip on Starbucks and browse the bookstore which felt like Heaven.  I picked up the latest Dorthea Benton Frank and look forward to the kid's sleep strike ending so I can read it.

I think I was on a well behaved kid high Sunday morning so I tackled taking the kids to church and they did so well! Hank actually stayed in the nursery the whole time.  Of course Carsyn had to also, but I'll take it!

We went to my MIL's for a awhile afterwards and then a pool party for my friend's daughter. 
Carsyn and Hank had so much fun splashing and playing.

I also feel the need to document I wore a dress, fixed my hair, and wore makeup for three days in a row.  Epic.  (Don't worry-I'm back in my workout clothes and ponytail today;)

If you follow me on Insta you've likely seen all of these pictures!  It seemed like the weekend of big hairbows and lots of people commented.  I just adore girls in big bows and all Carsyn's are bought at local boutiques.  If you're local and want to know where just shoot me an email.

Also, it seemed we wore a lot of Matilda Jane this weekend.  I really LOVE their stuff.  Like super duper love. If you need a trunk keeper contact mine is awesome and I'd be happy yo pass her info along to you.

Happy Monday friends!


  1. Hey girl... are you on Bloglovin? I realized I wasn't following your blog but I couldn't find ya there... am I missing it??

  2. You know I love that girl and her big bows!!