Friday, August 9, 2013

Five On Friday

It seems by the time Friday rolls around I can manage to collect my thoughts and write on the blog.

Perhaps Five on Friday speaks to me because I can be random. And I LOVE being random.

So, here I am linking up with Darci again!

1.)  Picnics-  Tuesday morning Carsyn declared she wanted to have a picnic and basically in attempt to let her have anything she wants I obliged.  After we went grocery shopping which (not to freak you out moms of 2) is the most horrendous task ever, we headed to the lake.  Hank is SO happy outside and it was a great way to expel some energy before nap time.

2.) The Marion Satchel-  I flipped through the Fall Tory Burch mag the other day and saw this.

She spoke to me.  She said, "Jen, you need to come to grips with the fact W is NEVER going to buy you a Chanel.  I'm a nice substitute."

3.)  Laziness-  Hank's first birthday was 2 weeks ago and I still haven't got all my pics uploaded.  Maybe I'll just post one a day until I've shared them all.  The ones of him eating his cake are the best!

4.) Kacey- Do you have the Kacey Musgraves album?  If not stop what you're doing and go purchase right. now. You're welcome.

5.) Big girl bed-  Carsyn has started fighting bedtime again.  After I put Hanky down at 9:30 I tell her she can watch TV until 10 and then we'll read stories and go night night.  She plays me like a fiddle.  At 10 she says "But I want to watch Jake really bad!" (Darn you Disney Jr).  At 10:30 we go to her room and sing and read approximately 3 stories.  Around 11 I tell her its time to sleep and I leave the room and watch her on her monitor.  She proceeds to sing and play with her dolls sometimes until 1.  Crazycakes.  I have no problem with her sitting up.  She's pretty nice company.  But the mom in me tells me I need to make some boundaries.  I'm thinking of switching her into a big girl bed and putting her in her room with lights out around 10.  She can read or watch TV and do whatever the heck she wants.  Is this a bad idea?  She sleeps so well once she goes to sleep right now.  Am I opening a can of worms?

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  1. Scarlet Olivia use to do the same with me when she was small.. She thought sleep was not a huge concern of hers.. We would lay her down in the dark around 10 but that lead to her being angry & not a pretty sight! I learned that it was a lot easier to just let her stay up with us & fall asleep while we all would watch shows together.. After that we just picked her up & placed her in bed! Worked way better that way.. Good luck mamma :)