Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hank is 1!

Baby boy, Hanky-boo, Hanky, Hankers.  Where do I begin?

I cannot believe you are 1 year old today.  I cannot believe its been a whole year since Daddy placed you in my arms and my heart melted with one look at those baby blues.  I kissed that sweet red head and I was smitten. And continue to be every day.

Our love for you has grown so much Hank.  You are the jolliest little fella.  Oh, you have quite the temper when things don't go your way, but you love to laugh.  You squish your little nose up and snicker all the time.

Your big sister, Carsyn can make you laugh harder than anyone else.  You love her so much and are beginning to play along side her.  You love to play peep-eye with her in the car.

You still love bath time and love to splash.  You're also really fond of the swimming pool.  We just got back from the beach and you loved the sand and ocean.

Your hair is a very light strawberry blonde and your eyes are the bluest I've ever seen.

You weigh 22 lbs 9 oz and are 30" tall.  I call that a little chunky, but you are all muscle!! And already stronger than your big sister! She's beginning to lose toy battles.

You are wearing 12 and 18 month clothing.

You are crawling and pulling up and cruising.  You will let go of an object and stand on your own for just a minute before you fall down.

You have such a great appetite! You love sweets and pizza the most.  You've eaten 8 mini pancakes and 3 pieces of pizza in one sitting.

 You are still a thumbsucker, but love your blankie even more.  You have to have it before you go to sleep and love snuggling with it in the car.

We love you sweet prince!! Happy Birthday


  1. HANKY! I remember the day your mama sent me a picture with a positive pregnancy test and I FREAKED OUT! You are precious little boy! Happy birthday!!!!