Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hank is 11 months old

My little wild man is 11 months old, I cannot believe it!

Hank, you  LOVE to eat.  It makes momma's heart so happy...we just don't know when to cut you off. You like anything, pizza, hot dogs, grilled cheese, yogurt, and are finally warming up to mashed potatoes.  You enjoy whole milk and drink like a champ from a sippy.  You recently started drinking from a straw too.  Mom is still nursing you before you go to sleep.

You love the water- the swimming pool, the love to splash, splash, splash.

Yo like to go on trips and tolerate the carseat quite well on short ones.  You also are pretty fond of your stroller.  You like to see new places and new things.  You are very alert.

You love going on wagon rides at Rosie and Pops house.

You are becoming quite the talker.  Your words are:
(You wave and smile at everyone you see exclaiming HI! or BYE!)

Your favorite thing in the world in your blankie.  You are becoming attached to it and like to have it nearby to sleep.

You are still a thumbsucker.

You are wearing 12 and 18 month clothing and a size 4 diaper.  Your shoe size is a 4 1/2 have a marshmallow foot.

You still army crawl everywhere.  You crawl conventionally for 4 steps and then drop to your belly and take off.  You pull up on things and cruise but no steps yet.

You are an active little guy and rarely sit still.  You still like to be held in momma's arms but only if she's walking around.  Next to momma and daddy and Carsyn your favorite person is probably Rosie.  Your eyes light up when you see her.

Your strawberry blonde locks have been continuing to curl. Your eyes are still the brightest blue I've ever seen.

You take one afternoon nap (around 2 hours) a day and sleep for 12 hours at night.  Bedtime is usually right after bath time around 9:30.

Hanky-boo, you are such a sweetheart and have stolen momma's heart.  We love you so much.

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  1. How are our baby boys already 11 months?! I remember clear as day you thinking I was NUTS for getting pregnant again & then a week later you calling me to tell me your news!! AHH! This is going to fast!