Sunday, June 16, 2013

dear pops

Dear Pops,

We think you're the most awesome grandpa! Its evident mom thinks you're the greatest thing since sliced bread and we'd have to agree.

You never lose patience with us.  You never utter the words "I'm too busy" or "I can't right now."

You take work breaks to bring us pizzas and french fries.

You're so mighty and tall with one small swoop you can make our heads bounce off the ceiling.  Its quite fun.

Its pretty neat that one of us inherited your strawberry curls and the other your long legs (wonder if you can figure out which one is which-hee hee).

You always sing songs to us..that must be where mommy got her angel voice from...(why does that make daddy snicker?)

You taught us one of our very favorite games "yellow jacket, yellow jacket."

You give us back rubs and foot massages.

Anyway pops, we love you so much! To the moon and back just like big nutbrown hare!

Happy Father's Day to our wonderful Grandfather!


Carsyn & Hank

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