Friday, June 21, 2013

Five on Friday

1. Pancake Picnics

Carsyn's favorite food right now is pancakes.  Girl cannot get enough.  The other night she insisted on a pancake picnic in the floor at 10:30.  I obliged.  Of course, she has to have a pretty cup to drink out of.

2. Swimming pools, movie stars

I don't get in the pool with kids as often as I'd like because 2 kids that can't swim stress me out! Maddox came up to swim last week and we had a nice time frolicking.  C owns that chair, don't you think?  She's in her movie star phase right now and likes to act like a diva and proclaim "look, I'm a star". Lord. Help. Me.

3. Nautical

Every where I look I see anchors these days.  When Lilly released their summer line I was swooning over this dress.

Since Hank's first birthday is a pool party with an anchor theme I knew it would be perfect...Until my sister sold me on this:

I decided the Farrah jumpsuit would be the way to go....Until I tried it on and rocked a mild camel toe.  When I sized up my chicken legs got lost in it.  So, I left with the Amada.  Boohiss, I need to shrink an inch.

4.  100 Miles

If you follow me on Instagram you are likely annoyed with all of my running posts. Sorry.  I started June with a goal of 100 miles in 30 days.  Don't think its going to happen.  But I am trying to finish 100 miles in the month of June.  Fingers crossed.

5.  Book Recs

I'd love to know some good beach reads..Any suggestions?
Here's some from Coastal Living Mag-

Has anyone read these?

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  1. C and H are so cute! Love the anchor theme. I was (am?) considering a pink and navy nautical pool party for Blaire's birthday but with the state the new house is in, I'm not sure I want to have anyone over. I have read Summerland and Age of Miracles from that list. Summerland was a good beach read. I didn't care for Age of Miracles at all and don't see it as a beach read but that's just me.