Friday, May 31, 2013

Hank is 10 months old

Little man, you are rapidly approaching your first birthday and to say time is flying by is an understatement.

You now officially have 3 teeth and tooth number 4 is likely making an appearance.

You are pulling up, but no steps yet.

You are wearing a 12 month in clothing and size 3 diaper.

Your favorite foods are mac and cheese baby food, but you are beginning to enjoy little bites of table food like bread and cookies-thatta boy!!

You LOVE your momma and like to be in her arms as much as possible.  My heart swells, but my back throbs.

You also love the bathtub and splash and play for as long as we'll allow.

Your favorite toy would probably be anything you can chew.  Specifically you like Sophie the giraffe, rubber duckies in the bathtub, and little people.

Your favorite thing to do is still army crawl everywhere at lightning fast speed! You pull up and climb and find ways to get into things you shouldn't! You keep mommy on her toes.

You're still so fond of your big sister and give her your biggest smiles.

You are a good sleeper but now wake me sometime between 4 and 7 for a quick nursing session.  You fall back asleep until around 9:30.

You take a nap some mornings for 45 minutes or so and a long afternoon nap for 2 hours.

You love to take stroller rides.

Hanky-boo, we love you to the moon and back!!


  1. Hanky is already losing some of his baby chub!! :( but he just keeps getting cuter!

  2. I just love that little guy & his sister too of course.. I cannot believe how big he has gotten.. Ugh he needs to slow down! Little ones grow way too fast sadly!

  3. Almost a year old! Oh my goodness! :) So cute!

  4. I cannot believe he is 10 months old! He is such a cutie!!

  5. What a handsome little man!