Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Story of Hank

The last few weeks leading up to the birth of baby boy were a whirlwind. We planned the date of July 19 about mid pregnancy and I'm so glad Hank waited around til that day. I had a scheduled c section with Carsyn due to her being breech and opted to do the same this time even though Hank was not in the same position.

The hubby and I dropped Carsyn off at my sisters and checked into the hospital for blood work and registration on Wednesday afternoon. I realized while waiting in line for the rest room I hadn't taken a bump picture in a while so I snapped this.

This time around I gained about 25 lbs... About 10 less than with Carsyn- odd! I think I looked about exactly the same.
After the hospital the hubby and I headed to the Disney store to pick out some gifts to Carsyn from Hank. Her favorite? The Belle nightie of course!

We ran to the baby store and picked up a few items and met our families for dinner. Everyone tried to convince us to have a small dinner together, but I knew I wanted everyone there. Even if it meant Carsyn running around like a wild child.

My sister picked up a cake from my favorite bakery and I might have eaten 4 pieces.

After dinner we went back to my sister's house for a while.. I got absolutely no sleep that night. Poor Carsyn was awake all night and I just laid there worrying about her. I think it's Gods little way of preparing me for the next year ;)

The next morning the hubby and I were up early and arrived at the hospital at 6:00 am. My surgery was scheduled for 7:30 and it took til then to get prepped. I actually had the same nurse prep me this time that prepped me with carsyn, which really helped me relax. I was telling her I had never had a contraction and she said sure you have- you had one 3 minutes ago!! Who knew? I went into the operating room and got my spinal and then Shane came in to join me. It seemed like minutes later I was hearing the cry of my sweet little blondie. Funny how everyone told me the minute I laid eyes on him I'd love him just as much as Carsyn, but I doubted them- it was love at first sight again.

I actually fell asleep immediately in recovery and slept an hour. Our families were enjoying seeing Hank in the nursery and Carsyn pointed out her little brother to everyone.

Honestly, the birth of Hank and my entire hospital stay was much more relaxed than with Carsyn. He had no problems nursing and was such a snoozy little fella.

Carsyn had little interest in her brother most of the time, but she loved having all the people around.

Big sister trying to be the center of attention..

He had so many visitors and so much love.


So in love with this little guy!

Thanks to all that visited us at the hospital and a big thanks to my big sis and her family for taking such good care of Carsyn while we took care of Hank.


  1. Seriously I hope I look half as good after having a baby!
    He's so precious!

  2. Congrats girl! You look wonderful! And Hank is a cutie pie just like I knew he would be!!!!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! What a special time and such sweet pictures you have <3

  4. Congratulations!! He's beautiful!

  5. I'm so glad everything went so well. Hank is just precious and Carsyn is an adorable big sister!

  6. Congratulations! I am friends with Melissa from 5M and got to help her a bit with your gender reveal set. Your baby is so cute! Good luck these next few weeks :)

  7. These pictures are so precious! I can't get over how amazing you look either! Congrats mama!

  8. He is beautiful! So glad your hospital stay was relaxed.