Thursday, July 26, 2012

One Week

 A week ago today our lives changed forever.  I figured Hank would turn our world upside down, but its like he's been in our family all along.  I am enjoying all kinds of baby snuggles while my mom is here taking care of Carsyn.  He's a sweet, snoozy little guy that sleeps a lot and rarely cries.  He's eating every 2-4 hours and his sweet cheeks are filling out. 

Of course the little miss wanted to "sit big girl with hink"...She currently calls him Hink and its so cute we don't correct her.  I hope it doesn't stick..poor fella will hate us his whole life!  She is adjusting very well.  She loves picking out his outfits and bringing me diapers.  When we have company she definitely wants to be the center of attention though!

Here she is preparing to "lightly tap" Hank on the tummy...

..and while it appears innocent.. just might have been a little startling!


  1. OMG how precious are they in their matching outfits!

  2. You guys make cute babies. That's all there is to it!!

  3. Love these pics! Great post! They look so cute together.

  4. Great pictures! it's always good to read how everyone (big sisters and brothers in particular) is adjusting!!!! Glad y'all are doing good!

  5. Oh momma.. I love them! Y'all have some precious children.