Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Sooo, we're back from a much needed vacation...well actually we've been back awhile. Let me say "vacation" is totally different with a baby. Usually I sleep in a little and stay up late. Usually I eat way too much and read about 5 books. Usually I beat myself up for not working out. Occasionaly I'll divulge in a little too much wine consumption. This year I got up around 6 or 7 am, ran a couple of miles every day, read 1 book, managed to swig a seldom glass of wine and lost a few pounds. You know what- despite the fact I was completely exhausted, a touch sunburned, and extremely irritable I wouldn't trade it for anything. Little Miss Carsyn pretty much loved the beach, especially the taste of sand. Thank goodness we'll be heading back very shortly.

We visited Watercolor Resort for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised. The resort had great running trails and was within walking distance to Seaside, where I definitely could live. The only downfall to the area was the lack of good restaurants and the algae in the water. Normally I take a ton of pictures on vacation, but this year I just ended up with picture after picture of Carsyn on the beach. If you're interested here they are..

I got my shades on..


Playing in the water..

Darn humidity..

Love the sand on the face..

Always ready for the camera..

Baytowne Wharf with Daddy..

Dinner with Auntie and Wobby..

Love my Gran..

Shane was so excited to get a hot dog after a week of seafood..

The one pic of me and the hubby..

Thanks to my hubby and wonderful in-laws for making Carsyn's trip to the beach so wonderful!


  1. I love Watercolor! We had our engagement pics done there :) And Miss Carsyn is just so adorable!! Glad she loved the beach!

  2. We had such a wonderful time on vacation. I can't believe you don't have a pic of the grilled cheese guy!

  3. My friend was just there and told me all about the hot dog food truck. yum. Glad little Carsyn liked the beach...we are going in a month! She is such a diva in her pink shades!

  4. Thanks for the sweet invite, looks like you had a great vacation!

  5. Carsyn is so photogenic! Just like momma ;)

    Have a great week!


  6. AAWW - sounds like a great trip!! Carsyn is just adorable and thats so awesome that she enjoyed the beach so much!!!

  7. Love the pics, yum I heart food trucks.
    Carsyn is getting so big and is cuter than ever, what a little beach babe. Can I also tell you that your vacation wardrobe is adorable, love the bikini and the tunic.

  8. Hi. I'm Sara. I just found your blog. The title caught my eye. I'm also a southern blonde...Alabama...but, live in Vegas now. I read about your trip to Watercolor. I was in Seaside for the month of June. I love that place.
    Stop by my blog sometime!