Sunday, June 19, 2011

Carsyn is 9 months old!

Whoa Carsyn P, you are still growing too fast!! I cannot believe you are 9 months old.

We just got back from the beach with dad's family and it seemed you learned a new trick every day. Auntie taught you to squeal hi and wave when you see people and they say hi. Its so funny. Now when we ask if the baby is sick you can cough on command. While you loved playing pee pie, patticake is your new favorite. You can clap and throw them away, but have yet to master rolling them up. You are a timid crawler and are officially taking several little crawl steps at a time. Dad has also caught you cruising a little also. You love being in your stroller and could ride for hours.

You are still tiny and not hardly 16 lbs. You are wearing 6 and 9 month clothing and a few 12 month. Speaking of clothing you love getting dressed up. I swear when momma puts you in a foofie outfit you squeal in delight. You say da-da all day long and very few ma-mas. You are also saying na-na a lot.

You like to eat, but do not have a voracious appetite. You love your fruits and any combination of peaches, bananas, and apricots. Besides sweet potatoes you pretty much despise your veggies. Still not a fan of puffs and due to the fact you are still toothless momma has been leery of giving you other hard foods. Please let the tooth come soon as you are still waking momma most nights of the week. Thank goodness you will sleep until about 8:00 after waking once. Well, besides vacation when you decided to get up at 6:00 every morning-TORTURE!

You absolutely adore being the center of attention and will lean out of high chairs and strollers in attempt to get people to notice you. You love babies, especially your cousins Maddox and Ella.

Carsyn, you are the most loving, sweet little girl and I am forever grateful to be your momma. We love you more than words can say!


  1. She is so cute! I love her pink! ;-)

  2. Wow, she's getting so big now! Carsyn you are too cute in your big bows!
    Sorry, but blogger is still not letting me comment normal so I have to post anonymous...
    Jess @

  3. She is adorable! I just found your blog, while blog hoppin! :)

  4. Welcome back from the beach! Miss Carsyn gets cuter every time you posts pictures - and I'm not even sure how it's possible she could get any cuter! Love her baby leggings and bow.

  5. Happy 9 months Carsyn! You are the best niece in the world!