Friday, April 8, 2011


As I was sipping my first iced green tea latte of the season the other day I was thinking how I cannot believe Spring is already here-I am so ready!! While its my least favorite season its still a lovely season and I know Summer is just around the corner.

(I am aware the dark nail polish has got to go, but I'm awaiting the arrival of my shellac and am so excited-have you tried this yet?)

The local grocery store is beginnning to carry flowers in all sorts of Spring-y colors and I love looking at these every morning.

(Do you know what the pink flower is garden buffs? Its one of my favs)

Also, Carsyn has already been sporting her tank top and flip flops..

(Thanks Uncle Wobby for the outfit-I can't wait to come off the slide this summer)

The redbud, apple, and pear trees are in bloom in East KY and its supposed to reach the mid 80s this weekend! I'm definitely getting outside. Are you ready for warm weather? What's your favorite thing about Spring?


  1. It looks like a pink chrysanthemum, is that right?

  2. Spring yay, starbucks yay!!! haha, i keep reading about shellac and I feel so out of the loop, and I am never out of the loop in the beauty world, I am a bout to google it, lol. Carsyn looks adorable in the outfit, omgosh love those colors. Such a pretty girl!

  3. Carsyn is just the cutest, love that mint green/ peach combo!

    I sure hope that warm weather sticks around for when we make our Keeneland trip in a couple weeks!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I have never had a green tea latte - I had no idea they were so green! And yay for shellac! I love it. And I love Carsyn's outfit!

  5. Carsyn looks so cute! I am also out of the loop on shellac. You will have to give me a fashion update!

  6. Those flowers are gorgeous and how cute is that outfit???

  7. Love her in that little outfit!!

    I'm so glad it's spring. Even though it might kill me due to allergies, I'm so ready for warmer weather!!