Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Carsyn is 7 months old


What?! This is crazy..stop growing so fast Carsyn, please!

You weigh 14 lbs and 2 oz and are 26 1/2" long. Everyone who sees you remarks how long your legs are. So far that and your blue eyes are the only thing you got from momma. Speaking of momma you still love your momma, but are making your way back to being a daddy's girl. When momma feeds you before bedtime you act like the old stone cold Steve Austin in wrestle mania and try to win the match, but when daddy feeds you its a whole different story. You curl up in his lap and fall asleep as soon as its done.

Speaking of bottles you could quit the bottle all together at this point and move on to real food. You LOVE food!! Bananas, sweet potatoes, and pears are your favorites. You despise carrots and peas are not too far behind.

You love to play and the jumperoo is your favorite toy ever. You jumped for an hour the other night and fell asleep in the jumperoo. Speaking of sleep its not much fun to you anymore. Naps are cool, but you have been waking up at all times of the night for the last few weeks. Still no teeth, but momma is praying its something that will come to an end soon.

Carsyn, as always you are the bright part of mommy's day and as she sings to you all of the time you are her sunshine, her only sunshine-love you baby girl!!


  1. Too cute! We've been having sleeping issues as well. Wish E loved real food as much as your baby.

  2. Carsyn is offically taller than the pig! How can this be? Happy 7 month Birthday!

  3. She is tiny!!!! I think BG was 14 pounds at like 3 months! Haha!!

    She's such a cutie!

  4. What a love bug! Carsyn has some glam little clothes! Pink + zebra is one of my favorite combos!

    I remember those nights when they decide to ditch any good sleep habits that they had previously established and decide to mix it up for Mom every night. These times I often thought that my children had a conspiracy against me to drive me to insanity via sleep deprivation. Oy vey! This still happens sometimes, but at least now they can communicate with words and tell me what is going on instead of me playing the constant guessing game that I did when they were babies.

    Happy Seven months to baby C! Hope you get some rest tonight mama!

  5. We are having some sleep issues right now too...it's the teeth! I am sure that's Carsyn's problem too! She is so cute and tiny! The twins were 17lbs at their 6 month checkups...porkers!

  6. She is so cute! The expression in that last picture is just great. And so are her leggings with the bows. Happy 7 months Carsyn!

  7. Be thankful for a good eater! She's adorable!